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Waterford City & County Council Launch 2GoCup in 10 Cafés

10 Cafés join 2GoCup in Waterford

An exciting launch took place last week in Waterford City as 10 cafes removed their single-use cups and replaced them with 2GoCups.

This initiative due to commence at the end of July is funded by Waterford City and County Council with the aim to reduce the amount of single-use coffee cups going to landfill in Waterford.

The team went down to Waterford for the launch and met with Council members, T.D’s and the Mayor. the energy around was infectious as everyone who turned out praised the Cita and County Council for taking the leap and paving the way with the 2GoCup rollout.

We can’t wait to see how the scheme takes off in Waterford and we look forward to being on the journey with them all the way through. A big shout out to Ella Ryan from the City and County Council for pushing the idea and allowing us to bring it to fruition.


If you wish to see the 10 cafes partaking in the scheme please click the link below.