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Out with the old. In with the new.

Out with the old. In with the new.

You talked, we listened.

It’s finally here!

As much as we love the original 2GoCup, we felt it was time for a makeover. After feedback from all over the globe, we decided to reinvent our 2GoCups! We are proud to formally introduce the 2GoCup 2.0!

Remaining the same 12oz in size the new cup is slender and more durable to hold everything in between, with new inside smart guidelines for baristas filling. A brand new lid has been designed with an elevated mouthpiece and inner bevel to allow for a more smooth sip. Our signature blue is still evident on the new lid but the cup body has been upgraded with a striking new charcoal grey colour and slick ridges on the outside allowing for better grip, stacking and aesthetic!

These new cups will begin to roll out in mid-April in all reordering and first-time cup orders, but don’t worry; our OG 2GoCup will still be accepted and used within all participating stores.

Our deposit and return scheme has proven to be extremely successful, and our community only continues to grow. With the newly introduced latte levy, there has never been a better time to replace your stock of disposable coffee cups with our reusable, sustainable (levy free) coffee cups. They help save you money and the environment with ease. Get in touch with us through DM, or sign up today via this link if you’re interested in joining the #depositandreturn revolution!

Get swapping!