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2GoCup Made in Ireland

2GoCup to begin production in Ireland.


2022 has proved to be the year sustainability got back on the menu.

Over the past 12 months- despite its challenges – it has been our incredible pleasure to work with so many new businesses and coffee-goers right across the island of Ireland, Scotland, England and even Canada.

We have met for coffee, got to know your business and hopefully helped you become more sustainable whilst saving you money swapping from single-use. These have always been two of our core values from the very beginning. We believe that doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you more.

Over the past 4 years, there has been one thing 2GoCup has wanted to achieve – bringing our production “home”. Not only would production in Ireland reduce delivery time for new businesses, but it would also create jobs whilst reinvesting into the Irish economy and allow us to meet our sustainability targets better.

We’re delighted to announce that our dreams have become a reality. We’re closing the loop.

From 2023, 2GoCup will be Made in Ireland, Made For You.